15 June 2020

Image of School activities during Lockdown

Whilst the school is closed for the majority of students, we have had students of key workers attending. They have been completing a range of activities from creating origami flowers to writing poems this week in response to the Black Lives Matter campaign.


A Poem - 'Black Lives Matter'

Life in a world full of racism is bad

Assaulting people by the police is bad, for black people matter

Can we live in a world of peace where all people’s lives matter equally?

Cargos of police officers assaulting a black person is wrong

Living a world of peace would do some good, for the world would be good

Create the peace to make a change

Violence is wrong we should live in peace

Ensure to us God, we will live in peace

Save all people in danger don’t just watch, save!

Make a change.

A world of peace would be good

The world should be good

The world is good

Energise each other with happiness

By Archie

Tags: English Poetry History covid19