Y9 GCSE Preference Process

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any stage of the process by emailing GCSEpreferences2023@lsahigh.org


January 2023 update 

Parents and carers, please watch the Loom below which accompanies the letter (emailed on 12th January) and is available below.

Both the letter and the Loom explain the first phase of the GCSE preferences process (January and February) and provide a timeline for the whole process.

full explanation of the whole GCSE preference process will be provided as part of the GCSE Preferences Evening on Thursday 2nd March.



Preferences Process 2023


Parents will be emailed when new information is posted.

We have left the 2022 Y10 subject booklet and associated subject looms available for reference.

Most of this information is still relevant for 2023 however both the Y10 subject booklet and the subject looms will be updated as necessary for 2023.

The central part of the Y9 GCSE Preferences Process takes place during March 2023.


Subject preference booklets 2022