This is clearly an exciting time for all students in year 6 making the step up to secondary school. However, we also recognise that this step is being made during strange and unsettling times. Whilst primary school has come to a sudden end, please be assured that we will do everything possible to make the move a successful and enjoyable one.

It is not possible today to say exactly how our transition process will work. In previous years we would meet with all primary schools and hold a series of events to get everyone ready. This year, we will be working on a new way of getting to know you, sharing a lot of information through email, speaking to teachers over the phone and even setting some activities and tasks to get children ready. However, you can be rest assured that we will know everything we possibly can about your child, their strengths, their friends and their worries so that they will feel at home as soon as they start.

We are proud of our school. We are proud of our teachers, our support staff, our families and most of all our students. We genuinely pursue excellence on a daily basis and expect everyone to live our values of aspiration, endeavour, integrity and respect. Having applied to LSA, I would encourage you to issue these with your child and help them understand the importance of them. Many weeks ago, I explained to prospective parents how we are one of Lancashire’s best schools. Our results are consistently higher than any other local school. However, with the recent challenges we are all facing, this seems uninteresting and irrelevant. One thing we can promise is how our high standards will ensure that we keep a vibrant, fun and safe environment for everyone. We expect students to behave brilliantly, be kind and get involved in the many opportunities we offer.

In whatever form our transition events take, we will make sure that children meet their form tutor and College Leader, get to know the site and get comfortable with the groups they are in. Unlike previous years, with the absence of SATS there will be a greater variability in the sets and groups, ensuring children get to make as many new friends as possible. There is always an anxiety of starting new and there are always concerns about groups but they are never as big a worry by day two. We can’t share all of the information we use to group children, but you can be assured it is a thorough and detailed process, caring about each and every child.

LSA is a wonderful place, packed with exciting activities and wonderful experiences. We want every child to enjoy school, make friends and learn. This is where our amazing College Leaders play a major part in your child’s life. They will be a key point of contact for parents as well as the person who supports, guides and challenges your child at LSA.

Whilst there may not be much more we can do with the school closed at the moment, it is critical to keep all of our contact details up to date so we can start our relationship long before September. Thank you for trusting us with your child. We will do everything in our five years with them to keep them safe, make them happy and allow them to succeed in and out of the classroom.

Mr. Baker
Head Teacher

To find out about our admission arrangements you should contact the local authority.

Applications for places in year 7 at the school are made via the local authority by 31st October.

Applications for admissions to other year groups should be made to the school in the first instance.

For students hoping to enrol after the start of Y7: If you have moved to the Lytham St Annes area and are applying for your child to join us please contact Main Reception. If your child is currently enrolled in a local secondary school, from which you wish to transfer, then parents/guardians should contact their current school and ask for an "In year Transfer Form". This should be returned to the Pupil Access Team (Lancashire North).

Admissions Policies


If you would like to appeal for a place at Lytham…….. please download the Appeals Form and read the Appeals notes carefully. This form must be returned to the school and not Lancashire County Council.

Appeals Documents

Applying for places for September 2019

For Lancashire resident families who will require a secondary school place in September 2019 the means of application is via Lancashire's new online system at:

This will go live from 3rd September 2018. It is quick and easy to use and offer an email receipt  of all submitted applications. Please ensure that you hit the "submit" button when you are ready to send in your completed online application. You must apply even if you already have siblings at your preferred school. If you live in Lancashire you can include out of area preferences on your online application.

If you have submitted and received an email acknowledgement of an online application you can log back onto the system during the application period to view this. If however, you go back into your original application this may have been over written (it definitely will if you make any changes). It will then no longer be valid. This applies for all changes, even very minor ones e.g. hyphens, apostrophes and typo corrections.

To ensure that your online application remains valid you are therefore strongly advised to press the re-submit button if you revisit the system at any time during the application period (whether or not changes were made). You should then receive a further confirmation email.

The closing dates for applications for September 2019 are at 11-59 pm on:

Secondary school applications - 31 October 2018

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