Knowing what to do after you've finished school can be a tough decision.

We understand the importance of making informed decisions, so we make sure our students have access to all the relevant information and opportunities to make those decisions.   As part of this we are working towards hitting all 8 of the Gatsby CEIAG Benchmarks. The details for each of these benchmarks are summarised in the flip-book document below. Other information and documents available below include:

  • Links to our 'Career of the Week' and 'Careers Box' pages.
  • The Careers Programme.
  • Labour market information Booklet
  • Student information booklet
  • Our destination data summary reports and other documents.
  • The school policy for provider access.
  • Gatsby Benchmarks flip-book

At Lytham St Annes High School our well-resourced library contains a wide range of careers information, we also have access to a number of websites providing useful up to date careers information in order to assist students to make informed and realistic careers decisions.  Students and parents/carers can access these websites online giving them freedom to use these resources in their own time. 

Our Careers Coordinator works very closely with all the staff at LSA to embed Careers education into all subject areas across the curriculum. This gives the students a wide range of careers knowledge and guidance. Mrs Harrison has built strong links with local businesses and our trust partners to allow students to have access and guidance from all business sectors.


CEIAG Policy

Jessica Peloe - CEIAG Co-ordinator Email: 
Ms Clegg - CEIAG Leader Email: 
Andy Iredale - Linked Governors  


For an overview of how we provide Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance through our extra-curricular activities, please look at our Twitter page.



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