12 February 2019

Image of Becoming a PASCH school!

On Monday 11th of February, LSA officially become one of the 9 PASCH schools in the UK. PASCH stands for the ''Schools: Partners for the Future''. It is a global network of 1,800 schools all over the world, that place a high value on German. The event was attended by Dr Susanne Frane from the German Embassy , Dr Georgia Herlt and Simone Pflieger from Goethe Institute , University of Central Lancashire, Blackpool Sixth form, members of the St Annes Werne Twinning Association.

The event started with speeches from the German embassy, Goethe institute, Mr Ray Baker and St Anne's Twinning Association. Students entertained everyone with Year 10 students performing The Pied Piper of Hamelin, Year 9 students performing a series of German sketches and finally a quiz on Germany.

LSA was presented with a plaque to represent LSA becoming a PASCH school and we received a very generous gift of 16 IPads and an Apple TV.

Our students are very much looking forward to the many opportunities, which lay ahead of them such as free summer courses in Germany, university scholarships in Germany and a chance to take international exams in German.


PASCH school

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