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Drama at Key Stage 3

Year 7 and 8 students will study drama as a discrete subject for one hour per week. Over these two years, they will explore scripted and devised work which will be assessed in terms of research, practical sessions, performance and written evaluation. Students will work thematically across a broad range of topics and will be encouraged to develop their views on their broader community and the society in which they live. Towards the end of Year 8, they will be given the option to study Drama at GCSE or Performing Arts BTeC in preparation for Year 9 and Key Stage 4.

During their first year of Drama, students will be introduced to making their own work from a stimulus. They will be guided through approaching the task in a mature and in-depth way, using their creative skills to produce their own piece of theatre. Following that, they will work on a script and discovering ways of bringing the page to stage. Progressing into Year 8 will see them begin to look at new styles and developing their acting technique. They’ll learn to create their own unique characters, refining their empathy, understanding of diversity, critical thinking, and their personal and social wellbeing.

Should students choose to pursue Drama into Key Stage 4, they will begin their GCSE or BTEC curriculum in Year 9.

Drama at Key Stage 4

We offer both GCSE Drama and the BTEC Technical Award in Performing Arts. Both courses lead to Level 2 accreditation. The GCSE syllabus we currently use is with AQA and graded 9 – 1 with 60% practical coursework (incorporating written evaluation and analysis) and a 40% written exam. Students explore a range of acting styles and develop their understanding of how to create highly effective pieces of theatre. They will watch live performances and learn how to analyse the impact that theatre has upon specific audiences. Our students work is regularly used by AQA to serve as an example of Outstanding attainment.

The BTEC Technical Award incorporates three components each assessed using Pass, Merit, or Distinction criteria. Units are varied to suit the interests of each cohort of learners. Some are performance based whilst others explore the detailed aspects of the performing arts business. There are no final written exams but students are expected to have a mature attitude of learning and be able to commit to the rigours of rehearsals and public performances. Assessment includes ongoing commitment to practical sessions, rehearsals and performance, research, written analysis and evaluation.


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