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Mr M. Smith

Head of Drama

Miss R. Atkinson

Teacher of Drama

Drama in KS3 is split into 3 areas of assessment. Creating, Performing and Written Analysis.

They are designed to provide a basis for the key elements of the GCSE Drama course and to:

  • Enhance performance technique through a variety of practical work and self / peer evaluation.
  • Develop subject specific terminology and knowledge.
  • Study of age and style appropriate texts and their historical and socio-political context.
  • Develop appreciation of performance work through analysis and evaluation of professional performance work in a range of styles.

In KS3 we also aim to nurture and develop self confidence, team working skills and expand the vocabulary of peer feedback through regular sharing and commenting on practical work in a safe classroom environment.

Lessons often take the form of ‘workshops’ where new techniques and stylistic elements are introduced, experimented with and then developed to embed understanding.

Within each scheme there is opportunity for students to further develop new skills through group devising and / or rehearsals leading to a polished performance assessment.

Scripts are linked to areas of study in style – for example, Blood Brothers could be used as a means to explore Epic Theatre. The historical context of plays is also covered as we learn to see how theatre holds a mirror to the society of it’s time.

Devising work bring increased autonomy for students who are given the chance to research and explore stimulus material that is relevant to their own lives. Real world events and socio - political themes are explored through the lens of young actors to bring a vibrancy and fresh point of view through group created work.

Finally, we look to develop a love for performance and performing that stays with students regardless of option choices in KS4. Enriched cultural capital, a passion for the performing arts and an ongoing enthusiasm and appreciation for theatre and how it can reflect and shape society.

Please note the curriculum section of our website is under review and the information below may be subject to change. 

Drama Curriculum


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