Drama at Key Stage 3

Year 9 students will study drama as a discrete subject for one hour per week. They will explore scripted and devised work which will be assessed in accordance with the Arts Council levels. Students will work thematically across a broad range of topics and will be encouraged to develop their views on their broader community and the society in which they live. Towards the end of Year 9 they will be given the option to study Drama at GCSE or Performing Arts BTEC in preparation for their KS4 curriculum in year 10.

Part of the Year 9 Drama Scheme of Learning is used to support areas of the National Curriculum and the Every Child Matters Agenda by focusing on the following themes:

  • Identity and cultural diversity
  • Healthy lifestyles and staying safe
  • Creativity and critical thinking
  • Personal and social wellbeing.

Some of the above themes cover sensitive issues through age-appropriate texts.  Two plays in particular have been selected to provoke discussion, empathy and creativity.  These will be delivered during the autumn term.

‘Bang out of Order’, by Danny Sturrock, explores the impact of anti-social behaviour orders on families and friends. ‘Heroin Lies’, by Wayne Dehnfy,  looks at the repercussions of substance misuse amongst young people and the tragic effects this can have on their families.

While we acknowledge the sensitive content within these works, we do ensure our students are offered support, in school, by a range of other professionals throughout our delivery of the above. These include, but are not limited to the local Police and ‘Addaction’.   

Synopses of these plays are available to view by clicking here.  If you would like any further information or advice then please do not hesitate to contact us in the Drama Department.

Drama at Key Stage 4

We offer BTEC Performing Arts and GCSE Drama. Both courses lead to level 2 accreditation. The GCSE syllabus we currently use is with AQA and is graded A* - G with a 60% practical coursework and 40% written exam. Students explore a range of acting styles and develop their understanding of how to create highly effective pieces of theatre. They will watch live performances and learn how to analyse the impact that theatre has upon specific audiences. Our students work is regularly used by AQA to serve as an example of Outstanding attainment.

 The BTEC incorporates three units each assessed using Pass Merit or Distinction criteria.  Units are varied to suit the interests of each cohort of learners. Some are performance based whilst others explore the business aspects of performing arts. There are no final written exams but students are expected to have a mature attitude to learning and be able to commit to the rigours of rehearsals and public performances. 

Drama in the 6th form

Drama at LSA has an outstanding and well deserved reputation. Our students are excellent ambassadors in the wider community and as mentors to younger learners.  We offer a range or enrichment activities such as working in other schools to support Drama, TIE projects to enhance learning in our Primary schools and 6th for led Drama Club for younger students. We offer:

BTEC Performing Arts at Level 3 This is a dynamic and fast paced course where students can currently opt into the equivalent of 2 options (potentially worth 240 UCAS points) or three options (potentially worth 360) UCAS points) These courses are usually selected by students intending to study Performing Arts, Theatre or Drama at university or Drama school. We offer intensive training and preparation for level 4 study and our students are highly successful in their applications to university.

A’ level Theatre studies. This is a stimulating and exciting course that enables students to build upon the skills gained at KS4. 40% 0f the course is practical assessment whilst the other 60% is a written exam. This course suits students who enjoy performing and exploring texts and watching live theatre. Students work is publically performed throughout the course.


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BTEC Performing Arts First Award

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Assessment Summaries

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