Congratulations to all pupils and colleagues at LSA for all of your work which has contributed towards our Rights Respecting School, Bronze Award. This is in recognition of all of your hard work since September. Here are some of the things that you have contributed towards to help us achieve this award. 

  • You have created Classroom Charters, which focus on the conventions of the rights of the child
  • We have trained all staff on UNICEF values and the rights of children within our school and wider community.
  • We have changed relevant school policies to ensure values of respect across the whole LSA community.
  • You have created a UNICEF Gallery in the assembly Hall displaying LSA student art work.
  • You have raised over £1500 for UNICEF to help children in the developing world.
  • You have created a new policy based on RESPECT. This is now incorporated into every child's personal planner.
  • We have led Rights Respecting School assemblies over a two week period to introduce our intended journey.
  • You have designed a RESPECT display to welcome visitors at the entrance to LSA.
  • You have created public performances in years 9 and 10 based on children living with situations of domestic violence.
  • You have created poetry for a competition based on Freedom and the rights of every child.

Thank you for everything that you have done and for making LSA such a respectful place to learn and work. 

As a citizen of LSA school community you are expected to keep a code of RESPECT. Read our code of RESPECT our students have put together below.


LSA is committed to creating a community that is based on the principles of:






We aim to:

- Create opportunities to empower us to become more active as citizens and learners

- Improved self esteem and feelings of being listened to

- Increased levels of respect for each other

- Greater understanding and respect for other cultures and beliefs that are different to their own

- Create a wider and deeper understanding of the world in which our students live