Satchel One

Satchel One is one of the electronic systems we use at Lytham St Annes High School.

Teachers will put any homework they give out on to Satchel One and to access it you can download the app from your app store or access it online. Students and parents both have separate PINs for logging in.

Any teacher can give out PINs or you can email ''.

Show My Homework Instructions

Embedded Learning (Homework) Expectations 

Homework support at home

We encourage parent to take an interest in their child’s homework and support them where they can, however please make sure it is all your child’s work. Ways to support your child may include providing a quiet working space for homework and removing distracting to allow them to focus.

Homework support in school

The library is open when students are out of class before school, at break, at lunch and after school. ‘Beyond the Bell’, will provide homework support after school, parents of these students will be contacted directly. The Maths and English departments also run homework support sessions.

Dealing with non-completion of homework

Non completion of homework is dealt with following the behaviour policy and results in a 20 minute teacher detention. Students may be directed to further support if homework is regularly late or not handed in to sufficient standards.