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Mrs N. Downey

Head of Science

Mrs J. Fynney

Second in Science

Mr G. Threlfall

Head of KS4 Science

Miss F. Salisbury

Head of KS3 Science

Mrs N. Alden

Teacher of Science

Mr N. Bracken

Teacher of Science

Mr M. Carlisle

Teacher of Science

Mrs A. Cosh

Teacher of Science

Miss A. Donnelly

Teacher of Science

Mrs L. Hill

Science Technician

Miss I. May

Teacher of Science

Mr M. Roffey

Teacher of Science

Mrs A. Forster

Teacher of Science

Miss S. Salisbury

Teacher of Science

Mr M. Goodman

Teacher of Science

Miss M. Ambage

Teacher of Science

It is our intention to have a science curriculum which is taught in an engaging, stimulating and intellectually challenging environment. We aim to encourage and enable students to:

  • Develop inquiring minds and curiosity about science and the natural world.
  • Develop skills of scientific inquiry to design and carry out scientific investigations and evaluate scientific evidence to draw conclusions.
  • Increase scientific literacy and engagement with science in the news, developing the knowledge, wisdom and skills required to make informed decisions based on evidence and fact.
  • Stimulate thought and awareness of the applications and real-world importance of scientific study.
  • Promote a broad understanding of the multiple science-based careers available, especially STEM based careers.

KS3 (Years 7 – 9)

Our KS3 curriculum gives students the opportunity to work safely and competently in a laboratory and develop practical skills with an increased range of apparatus to make more complex and accurate measurements. At KS3 we teach through the big ideas of forces, electromagnets, energy, waves, matter, reactions, Earth, organisms, ecosystems, and genes.

KS4 (Year 10 and 11)

Teaching in the sciences in key stage 4 continues with the process of building upon and deepening scientific knowledge and the understanding of ideas developed in earlier key stages in the subject disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics.

At KS4 students have the opportunity to opt for either combined science GCSE or triple science GCSE (AQA exam board).

In combined science, students study all three sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and are awarded two GCSE grades based on their overall performance across all three science subjects. In triple science, students study all three sciences and are awarded with three GCSEs.

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