In light of work with the student council, we are hoping to make certain parts of this policy clear to everyone as we develop a revised policy in the future.  How the school interprets these rules in 2021 is shown below in RED. 

Basic school uniform required

  • A black skirt* or black tailored trousers, black blazer and badge

  • White shirt with a standard collar (capable of being worn with a tie)

  • School tie (clip on or traditional)

  • White/black socks or tights

  • Sensible shoes** in black, brown or grey

  • Plain black cardigan/pullover with V neck (Wearing a cardigan/pullover is optional but wearing a blazer is compulsory)

*Black knee-length skirt (Banner 3596 Henley or Banner Thornton 913590A). 18” minimum length with school emblem. The skirt waistband must be visible.

**Heels should not be more than 4cm



Year 7 – Red stripe

Year 8 – Purple stripe

Year  9 – Green stripe

Year 10 – Blue stripe

Year 11 – Tangerine stripe

In light of work with the student council, we are hoping to make certain parts of this policy clear to everyone as we develop a revised policy in the future.  How the school interprets these rules in 2021 is shown below in RED. 


  • The skirt waistband must be visible.
  • Extreme hairstyles are discouraged. In 2021/22 we continue to discourage hair styles that are seen as extreme.  Definitions of extreme vary from person to person and from year to year.  We continue to ask that parents work with the school if they are considering a new/different style. 
  • Jewellery, other than a wrist watch, should not be worn in school. Students with pierced ears may wear one small sleeper or one small plain stud in each ear. Finger rings can be dangerous and should not be worn.
  • We do not allow students to wear facial studs or any other form of body-pierced jewellery as these can be a health and safety risk.
  • Footwear with contrasting sports logos, writing or patterns is not acceptable. In 2021/22 this means that black shoes may be worn, but be worn smartly (i.e. laces tied) If a black shoe is produced by a traditional sports manufacturer, this is allowed, as long as there are minimal logos/markings, and they are not a contrasting colour. Students are not allowed to wear pumps/plimsolls made of canvas even if they are black. Boots should not be worn.
  • Hooded tops, fleeces, tracksuit tops, baseball caps and denim jackets should not be worn at school. Outdoor garments displaying obscene or offensive words or images are not appropriate for school. In cold weather, hats (but not baseball caps) can be worn when outside the building. In the summer term, tailored trousers of at least knee length may be worn. In 2021/22 we will update students regularly with expectations around jumpers and blazers, due to ventilation in classrooms.
  • Where additional items of uniform are worn for religious reasons, these should be in black (the school uniform colour). 
  • Make-up must be discreet. This applies equally to fake tan, foundation, eye liner and false eyelashes etc. In 2021/22 this also applies to extended eye lashes, which are not allowed. ​​​​​​​
  • Students must have short, tidy nails at all times.
  • Students must not have any visible tattoos.

Please support our attempts to maintain high standards of appearance. The school reserves the right to send home any student who does not meet these expectations. 

In 2021/22 it is important that the uniform is worn correctly and with pride.  It is expected that the overall appearance is smart and in keeping with the fantastic reputation of the school in the local community. 

Lytham St Annes PE Kit

Photo Credit: Icon Sports

The school PE kit can be bought either online from or from our uniform suppliers*

PE KIT - COMPULSORY for year 7


  • LSA Short or Skort
  • LSA PE Performance Polo
  • LSA Socks
  • Sports trainers (not fashion pumps). Branded or unbranded trainers is fine but we recommend that they are sport trainers and not casual leisure shoes like converse.
  • LSA Hoodie
  • LSA ¾ zip top
  • LSA leggings
  • LSA Track Pants
  • Navy or white base layer top
  • LSA PE Bag

During PE lessons footwear can become wet/muddy. All students must change into footwear that is appropriate for lesson location and for the PE/sport being taught.  Footwear that is fit for purpose and appropriate to the surface and conditions is essential for student safety. Footwear should demonstrate effective grip and support and reasonable protection for PE/Sport for indoor and outdoor activities.   Students can not wear the footwear that they use as school shoes for PE lessons.


*Uniform suppliers are free to charge more for items to cover the costs of additional overheads. The uniform supplier is under no obligation to exchange kits that have been sold via the Icon Sports LSA website shop


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, buying uniform will look different for all retail businesses and restrictions in place.

Social distancing

  • Restrictions to how many families will be allowed in shops
  • Changing rooms might not be accessible


  • Telephone prior to your visit
  • Arrange to make an appointment
  • Check websites to see if you can order either online or arrange click and collect

The Uniform and Leisurewear Company


31 Clifton Street,



Phone Number: 01524 388355

Top Marque Uniforms


7a Park Road,



Phone Number: 01253 725246

Tavenor's of Lytham


29 Clifton Street,



Phone Number: 01253 736497

1st Class Kids


106-108 Highfield Road,



Phone Number: 01253 403798

Katie Richards

Phone Number: 01253 729840