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Mr A. Fenwick

Head of Boys, PE Teacher

Miss L. Gibbons

Second in Dept (Head of KS4)

Miss K. Gore

Head of Physical Education

Mrs T. Hallam


Mrs C. Lloyd

PE Teacher

Mr A. Schultz

Mrs R. Hoyle

PE Teacher

Please note the curriculum section of our website is under review and the information below may be subject to change. 

The major aim of the LSA PE department is to deliver an extensive accreditation curriculum which allows all pupils to access a wide range of activities, skills and knowledge of various sports, whilst increasing individual’s levels of physical fitness. At the same time we are developing life skills for lifelong learning, preparing tomorrow’s citizens today.

We aim to provide an enjoyable, satisfying, broad and balanced programme, with opportunities for all pupils to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually through well structured activities.

We aim to meet the needs of individual pupils, encouraging active participation by all as performers, leaders, observers and officials both in practical and theory lessons.

We will aim to develop a culture of confidence, tolerance, trust and appreciation of ones own and others strengths and weaknesses as an integral part of the learning process.

The programme offered together with an awareness of leisure opportunities in the community, will develop those skills and attitudes conducive to a lifelong involvement in an active and healthy lifestyle.  It will also allow pathways to excellence, through the enhancement of existing links within sporting bodies and local sporting communities.

Hockey, Fitness, Rugby, Netball, Football, Gymnastics, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Rounders, Cricket, Athletics, Tennis, Trampolining, Softball and Outdoor and Adventurous Activities.

Students will take part in 4 hours of PE per fornight.

Key Stage 4 Courses

OCR Sports studies

Year 10 - Students will take part in 2 hours per fortnight for Core PE of the following activities:

Hockey, Fitness, Badminton, Football, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Badminton, Volleyball, Rounders and Outdoor and Adventurous Activities.

Year 11 - Students will take part in 2 hours per fortnight for Core PE and are allowed to opt from the following activities:

Fitness, Power walking, Football, Netball, Multi games, Cricket, Rounders, Softball, Basketball, Badminton, Hockey, Trampolining.


We offer a vast range of activities out of school hours, which can be seen on our timetable.  We also have a range of coaches to assist with the programme.  There are both competitive and non competitive activities for all Key stages and fixtures against other schools take part regularly in which we have a great deal of success

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