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Mrs K. Harrison

Head of PE

Miss L. Gibbons

Second in Dept

Mr A. Fenwick

Teacher of PE - Head of KS3 & OCR

Mrs T. Hallam

Teacher of PE and School SENCO

Mrs C. Lloyd

Teacher of PE

Mr A. Schultz

Teacher of PE - KS3 Engagement Coordinator

Mr L. Stephens

PE Technician


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Welcome to the LSA PE department. Our aim at LSA is to ensure that all students are active whilst understanding the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. We aim for students to enjoy their PE lessons, enjoy some competitive fun, whilst discovering what activities they enjoy most to continue for lifelong participation. All students follow the same curriculum package. Our curriculum model is designed to ensure that students experience enough time on each module so that depth, mastery and success can be achieved. Our 3 Big Ideas are 1) Tactics and strategies which cover most game activities and focus on ways to outwit opponents. 2) Healthy Lifestyles which aim for students to understand the importance of a happy, healthy, active life. Lastly 3)Performance Analysis that includes Athletics and Trampolining where the focus is to develop techniques but also analytical skills aiming to improve performance but also allow coaching skills, communication, confidence, assessment and feedback which benefit the student as a whole.

The sports we offer at LSA in curriculum time and extra curricular allow students to be prepared for the leagues and competitions on offer in the Fylde and Wyre district in which we are very successful. Our recreational/fitness activities allow enjoyment but increase students understanding and confidence in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Mental Health is key to our whole curriculum, we ensure students understand how sport, exercise and activity can help maintain a healthy mind, through releasing endorphins, developing friendships and releasing stress through catharsis. Students are encouraged to attend extra curricular sports which are vast at LSA and range from team games competing against other schools in borough, county and even national events to recreational, fun and relaxed activities that aim to boost positivity and enjoyment such as a fitness. Please see our extra curricular timetable that is available on the website and is updated every half term. In addition we have excellent links with local clubs which we encourage students to attend so that their participation and performance can hopefully reach another level and also reach out to the community and maintain participation long after their school life.

Overall, our main objective at LSA is for students to have opportunities to experience a wide range of sports/activities, develop and improve their performance, have fun whilst doing so, improving their mental health and well being, which will hopefully last a lifetime.

Mrs Harrison – Head of PE

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For more information about what goes on in our department, visit our PE Twitter @LSA_PE


Please note the curriculum section of our website is under review and the information below may be subject to change. 

PE Curriculum

Key Stage 4 Courses

OCR Sports studies

Year 10 - Students will take part in 2 hours per fortnight for Core PE of the following activities:

Hockey, Fitness, Badminton, Football, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, Netball, Hockey, Badminton, Volleyball, Rounders and Outdoor and Adventurous Activities.

Year 11 - Students will take part in 2 hours per fortnight for Core PE and are allowed to opt from the following activities:

Fitness, Power walking, Football, Netball, Multi games, Cricket, Rounders, Softball, Basketball, Badminton, Hockey, Trampolining.


PE Dept policy for students excused from PE lessons:

  • Students must bring note from home explaining the reason for not participating. This must be given to the teacher at the beginning of the lesson.  Please ensure the letter is dated and signed.
  • Students must still bring their PE kit when excused from PE due to illness or injury*
  • When students are going to be excused for a long period of time due to medical reasons a doctors note must be supplied. 

*Depending on the injury/illness students can sometimes still be included in the lesson through the role of a coach, umpire, or leader and in some cases for example fitness it may be that we plan for exercises that work round the injured body part.  During bad weather it is important that students change into PE kit, this is so they have a warm dry uniform to change into at the end of the lesson, we do not want injured or ill students to be sat in lessons in wet or damp uniform for the rest of the day.

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