If meetings aren't your thing, but you want to support the PTFA in other ways you can get involved by joining one of the following schemes.
Rag Bag Collection Scheme

The PTFA have a Rag Bag collection scheme on school premises (opposite the library) where you can drop old, unwanted (but wearable) clothes ,  shoes  (paired) and handbags and belts. You can leave donations at schoold reception or, out of school hours only,  drop in the bin in a bag/bin liner.  All donations are valuable as we are paid by weight. The clothes are reused or recycled in a variety of ways and school benefits from simply getting rid of old unwanted items - perfect!! Since we introduced the scheme in 2015 we have raised over £200!



By signing up to EasyFundraising you can raise money for school every time you shop online. It is so easy and effortless, when you shop at Amazon, eBay, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, JD sport, notonthehighstreet and many more, you simply do it through easyfundraising (via the website or you can download an app) and a percentage of what you pay is contributed to the school once you register. It costs you nothing and is so easy to set up. Why not have a go and get fundraising from the comfort of your own home!! Currently we have only 15 supporters on the system and we have raised £53, think what we could raise if only half of the school community signed up to it!!! Go on give it a go and see how easy it is – the instructions below should help.
1. Go to www.easyfundraising.org.uk
2. Click on “support a good cause”
3. Look for LSA Technology ….this should pop up straight away. Click Go.
4. At this point you can get the app (this is very easy and makes using EasyFundraising so accessible and quick.) OR
5. Go to the search results and click on “support this cause”
6. Then simply complete the “create an account” details and click on “create my account”
7. You should then be able to go straight to shopping at whichever retailer you would usually shop at.
It's as easy as that!!!

The app is even easier, you can check the shopping you've done to see what you've raised, send referrals to mates and see where you are on the leaderboard, amongst other things.
So next time you're about to click the “complete payment” key stop and think – “Have I done it through EasyFundraising?” if not log into it and earn the school some money at the click of a button!!

Lucky Numbers

The idea of Lucky Numbers is that you buy a number – you may buy as many as you like!  Each number costs £1 per month.  Every month two numbers are drawn and those numbers win a cash prize.  Bonus prizes are also given at the end of the Christmas & Easter.

By joining the Lucky Numbers club, you not only help to finance extra resources and equipment to benefit the children of the school but you also have the chance of winning a prize.

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