PSHCE(LIFE) - non- exam

An update of the below information will be published soon.

There are four separate strands within the LIFE curriculum: Citizenship, Careers Education, Economic Wellbeing and PSHE (Physical, Social and Health Education). There is currently one miscellaneous unit that does not directly fit in to these strands; revision skills in year 11 (Cycle 5). During the Life lessons, students will receive important careers education, information, advice and guidance so that they have high aspirations and clear progression routes after Year 11.  The course will also study a range of personal, social, health and care issues such as relationships, respect, tolerance and global issues including religion

Year 7 Topics

  • New Beginnings (PSHE)
  • Money (economic wellbeing)
  • Healthy bodies, Healthy minds (PSHE)
  • My Future (Careers)
  • Diversity & Equality (Citizenship)

Year 8 Topics

  • Managing money (Economic Wellbeing)
  • Crime & Punishment (Citizenship)
  • Government & Politics (Citizenship)
  • My Future (Careers)
  • My Wellbeing: Body & Mind (PSHE)

Year 9 Topics

  • Money: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Economic Wellbeing)
  • Body & Mind: Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking (PSHE)
  • My Options: GCSE’s & Beyond (Careers)
  • Conflict & Nuclear Weapons (Citizenship)
  • Let’s Talk About Sex (PSHE)

Year 10 Topics

  • Money Matters (Economic Wellbeing)
  • Rights & Responsibilities (Citizenship)
  • Diversity & Difference (Citizenship)
  • My Wellbeing: Our World of Relationships (PSHE)
  • British Values: Being British (Citizenship)

Year 11 Topics

  • School & Beyond (Careers)
  • Money & My Future (Economic Wellbeing)
  • Healthy bodies, Healthy Minds (PSHE)
  • Revision Skills

In addition to the LIFE Programme, there are themed FLDs /one off sessions planned through the year:

  • Y7-11 CAREERS FLD (Dec)
  • Y9 Emotional and Physical Health day (Feb)
  • Y8 Health Impact FLD (Mar)
  • Y7 Road Safety session led by ADO (Nov-Mar)
  • Y11 One off STIs/ Contraception session led by the school nurse (Sep—Jan)