LSA is committed to Lancashire’s Year of Reading 2018



Library Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 7:45 am - 4:45 pm

Friday: 7:45 am - 4:00 pm.

Our Resources:

  • 14,000 fiction and non-fiction books
  • Journals, Magazines & Films
  • PC’s, Laptops, Printing, Copying and stationery
  • Scanner, Light-box, 3D Printing, Wireless headphones, Raspberry Pi computing and electronics.
  • Help/support and opportunities to volunteer

Accelerated Reader Scheme - Year 7 & 8 students

Alan Gibbons, summer 2017

Reading is encouraged and celebrated through:

  • We lend 10,000 books at LSA every year
  • Library lessons every two weeks for our Accelerated Reader programme in Years 7 & 8.
  • Reading and writing workshops with Children’s and Young Adult (YA) Authors every year.
  • Lancashire Book of the Year inter-school judging by our Year 9 students.
  • Reading challenges, including the annual Summer Reading Challenge.
  • ERIC time – Everyone Reading in Class. One form time per week.
  • Student Librarian Volunteer scheme.
  • Millionaire Reader Awards.
  • Student, staff and PTFA book reviews.
  • College Reading Mentors.
  • World Book Day celebrations.
  • Pop-up book sales run as mini-enterprise by students.
  • Silent Disco book browsing, and other activities at lunchtimes.

Make - Present - Reflect

Over the past three years, the Library has been transformed thanks to the hard work, commitment and support of the School’s PTFA who also secured a grant from the Lytham School’s Foundation Trust on top of their own fundraising. The whole space is lit by a new highly effective and energy efficient LED lighting system.

Make: New equipment for student to support their academic work including 3D printer, miniature computing hardware for coding and media equipment.

Present: An amphitheatre space with silent-disco headsets for presentations and recitals.

Reflect: A larger reader area with comfortable seating and a separate silent study space for exam preparation.

From our OFSTED report, 2017:

“Improving reading scores and the enjoyment of reading has been a significant part of your drive to raise achievement in English. The introduction of a structured reading scheme has had an enormously positive impact on reading scores, especially those of low-ability pupils and disadvantaged pupils. Pupils’ enjoyment of reading has also increased and the number of books they borrow from the library has almost trebled in two years. My inspector colleague heard readers of low ability and high ability, including those who were eligible for catch-up funding because of low scores at the end of Year 6. All read fluently, accurately and with enjoyment, and spoke very highly of the range of books available from the school library. One pupil said, ‘There are so many exciting books for my reading level that I always find it difficult to choose.”