Welcome to the Music Department

Mr N. Spacey

Head of Music

Mr H. Wilson

Teacher of Music

The Music Department has a long tradition of offering excellent music opportunities and exciting, rewarding lessons to all our students. 

Pupils have a weekly lesson in Years 7, 8 and 9 and then have the option to take this as a GCSE Lesson.  

In our Year 7, 8 and 9 lessons students learn to perform music on a variety of instruments including keyboard, Ukulele and Guitar. Students are also encouraged to learn additional music on their own instruments and perform on those instruments in class.  

Composition forms an important part of the classroom experience. Students learn the basics of music notation and then use this understanding to compose music of their own. This develops at GCSE to using the online composing program ‘Noteflight’ many of the pieces composed by students are then performed by our school ensembles. 

In lessons, we listen to and experience a wide range of music from different eras, cultures and genres is an essential part of our lesson. Noting the significance and importance of these key styles and composers. Pupils leave lessons with a new appreciation of music they were unaware of when they walked into the classroom. 

To support the musical growth of our pupils we have an excellent team of visiting peripatetic instrumental and vocal teachers who give tailored guidance to our students. Lessons are available to all students. Please see Mr Spacey in the music department for more details. 

Our music ensembles remain strong and an important part of the school’s life. We perform at our Christmas Concert, Summer Concert and also at local venues. Every two years the music department go on tour. Recent tours include Italy, Barcelona and Paris. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Music Department. If you do have any other questions please feel free to contact Mr Spacey at the high school on 01253 733192. 


The Music department is part of the Expressive Performing Arts department and supports Drama and Art with the EPA statement of Intent (below) 

We create a strong culture of engagement and foster a love of the creative and expressive performing arts. 

We have the highest expectations for creativity and performance. We engender infectious enthusiasm for discovering artistic avenues old, new and as yet unexplored. 

We create varied extra-curricular opportunities for active and joyous participation both individually and in groups, promoting self-reflective, collaborative expression and discovery. 

We develop challenging, engaging and adaptive schemes for learning, ensuring all pupils, regardless of prior experiences, are equipped with an extended subject vocabulary and essential life skills. 

We support and encourage those members of our school who are disadvantaged, need additional guidance or require further enrichment to reach their full potential and enhance their school experience. 

We are enthusiastic advocates of our values to pupils, staff and other members of our local and wider community, organising, participating in and contributing to events and life changing experiences. 

In short, and in the words of Kurt Vonnegut we encourage our students to “Practice the arts, no matter how well or badly, in order to help their souls grow”. 

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