Welcome to The Dining Room.

LCCS (Lancashire County Catering Services) are committed to promoting a varied selection of high quality, healthy balanced meals and snacks. Our aim is for students to enjoy good locally sourced food, which includes a full range of healthy options, compliant with food and nutrient standards in an attractive eating environment.

We offer a three choice nutritionally balanced menu daily, one choice always vegetarian along with, pasta and rice dishes, homemade soups and fresh bread, Jacket potatoes with a choice of hot and cold fillings, a full range of hot and cold sandwiches, salad bar, full range of vegetables, a wide range of homemade cakes and biscuits and a full range of healthy drinks all intended to provide a range of alternatives so as not to take away pupil choices. All our menus are planned to meet the food based standards for food in schools and are checked using a recognised programme to analyse nutrition. Whilst every effort is made to produce the published menu, please note that they may vary occasionally subject to availability.

We buy local produce to support local businesses and reduce food miles. 100% of our food suppliers are classed as local and 75% of our food purchases are produced by local businesses. Our service recognises the value and importance of sustainable and responsible food sourcing. Our aim is to positively influence the diet of our children and young people, and always consider where the food we put on the plates comes from and how it was produced.


We try to ensure that the prices are reasonable with lower price points for healthier products. Individuals are important and we respect cultural, medical and ethical dietary needs, so please feel free to let us know if your child has a special dietary requirement.

It is our policy to provide a menu for those pupils with medically diagnosed food allergies, food intolerances or a medical condition which affects eating arrangements.

For further information please contact the Catering Manager, Louise using the following contact details:


Landline – 01253 667328

Mobile – 07880 401419

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