30 March 2020

Image of Year 11 Announcement

Update for Year 11 Students

1. Although the May/June GCSE exams are cancelled, we are leaving some exam revision materials on SMHW.

2. There is no compulsion for any Year 11 students to complete any of this work, nor will it be used as part of the evidence for awarding grades.

3. Year 11 students may continue to use these materials out of their own interests, enjoyment and to research and delve deeper.

4. Year 11 students may also choose to continue with some study for the subjects they hope to study in the next phrase of their education.

5. With the next phase of education in mind, we are planning to upload some 'GCSE to A level bridging units' to SMHW.

6. There will be further careers and aspiration 'announcements' on Show My Homework including weekly links to videos, resources and advice for Year 11 relating to A Levels and BTECs, colleges, interviews and apprenticeships.

7. The government has announced, "There will also be an option to sit an exam early in the next academic year for students who wish to". It is therefore advisable to retain all our exercise books and revision guides, but not to worry unduly at the moment.

8. As per other year groups, we are advising Year 11 students to 'Keep reading!'. Use this link to the LSA E-book and audiobook Library:  https://lsahigh.eplatform.co/

Or install the app: ePlatform by Wheelers,

Username: Your school email

Password: lsahs

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