4 December 2019

Image of Question Time Debate

On Wednesday 4th December LSA students took part in a Hustings event with the Fylde candidates from 4 parties (Conservatives, Green Party, Labour and Liberal Democrats) who are standing for election in the Fylde constituency.

On the panel were:

  • Mark Menzies for Conservatives
  • Martin Mitchell for Labour
  • Mark Jewell for Liberal Democrats
  • Tina Rothery representing Gina Dowding for the Green Party‚Äč
  • Freyja Harrison Wood the Chair of LSA Student Council chaired the event.

Students had the opportunity to pose questions to the candidates who took it turns to answer. Some of the questions put forward by students were:

  • How will you make our local area a better place?
  • Why should people vote for your party?
  • How do you propose to improve the retention of NHS nurses because currently 200,000 nurses have quit since 2011 with ¾ leaving before retirement age?
  • What is your opinion on votes for 16 year olds?
  • What do you think of Donald Trump?
  • Why should we trust you to be our local MP?
  • What will you do for homeless people?
  • If your party wins the election what are you going to do about Knife Crime?
  • What is there in your manifesto that will benefit people of our age?
  • If elected would you be prepared to stand up to the whips and go against your party for the good of the constituency?
  • I do not believe a single individual can be wholly right about how this country should be run. What one idea or policy would you take from your opposition that you would like to see in your own party’s manifesto?
     and many more..

The 250 pupils who came to the candidates' Question Time  were absolutely fantastic and did our school proud. There was no coaching, just their genuine questions.

Over recent weeks all our students have been learning about how we elect our Government and about the policies of ALL the different parties who are standing for election. Despite not being old enough to vote in the General Election, it is wonderful to see so many young people participating in the political process. The whole school will be taking part in a Mock Election on 12th December and the results will be shared with the National Youth Parliament. Watch this space for our results!

Question Time at LSA

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