10 June 2015

Image of Young Adult Author Melvin Burgess Storytelling Masterclass

On Wednesday, Melvin Burgess, the 'godfather' Young Adult fiction was welcomed to LSA to deliver a masterclass in storytelling to our Year 9 and 10 students. 


Reading from novels such as 'The Hit', 'Junk' and 'Billy Elliot', Melvin talked about his experiences of growing up; teenage boredom and excitement; addiction; politics; science fiction; drugs-culture; music; romance and relationships. At one point the class even had a frank and funny discussion about their own possible 'bucket lists' if faced with the same prospects as the central character from 'The Hit'.


As well as discussing the ideas, techniques, structure and writing of books, Melvin related personal background stories from his youth when he struggled at school and then on to living in Bristol during the punk years to his experience now of working in the world of book publishing. 


Without doubt, everyone left with something to think about, and a few new titles to add to their reading list.

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