12 October 2022

Image of Lowland Farm - Meet the alpacas

Watch our video here: Aplca Farm Video


Here at LSA High we understand the special bond and connection between animals and humans. Our intention is to nurture and harness a loving relationship, where both animals and humans are helped and supported. The human-animal bond can change lives, giving feelings of happiness and a connection that can’t always be achieved with humans.  


At LSA High we want to support our Students Educational and Pastoral needs to the highest possible level. The animal assisted therapy program is an intervention that can support targeted students in ways that can’t always be achieved within a school setting and can complement and enhance their education. 


Whilst taking part in the Animal Assisted Therapy Program students will gain a good working knowledge of the farm we visit. This will include the care and maintenance of different animals. The upkeep of the surrounding land, the daily work routine and the financial implications of running a farm. Students will also have the opportunity to nurture and comfort many kinds of animals to the level they are comfortable with. 

Therapy animals can lift students' mood in and out of the classroom, help develop empathy and nurturing skills often provoking laughter and increase serotonin production. Therapy animals can also offer friendship and belonging to students who have difficulties with social interactions.


Student quotes:

Student 1

'I have absolutely loved my time at Lowland's farm, Charlotte and her animals are fantastic and have made me feel more confident and happier in myself'.


Student 2

'Having the opportunity to take part in the animal therapy program has helped me make friends and feel less anxious about being around people'.


Student 3

'I really love my time at the farm, i love the animals and being with friends and feeling happy'