13 February 2020, 4.00pm – 7.00pm

This is the second of two consultation evenings for Year 11. The recent introduction of two evenings is designed to give parents flexibility to select which subjects to see in order to make appointments longer and more effective. We hope that this flexible approach will reduce waiting times and provide more opportunity for conversation in the areas that require it. However you are welcome to see all teachers if you wish.

On the appointment sheet, please circle the subjects that you would like to see. Students will then book appointments as usual. In addition to the subjects parents choose, subject teachers may also make appointments as necessary. Please bring the appointment form with you on the evening, as a duplicate copy will not be available.

· On arrival, please go to the college reception tables in the Assembly Hall and sign in with your child’s College Leader

· Our school SENCO, Attendance Team and Exams Officer (4-6pm) will also be available.

· Senior Leaders will be in the Assembly Hall to answer any questions.

If using the stairs would cause you mobility issues, please contact me before the evening to enable us to make suitable arrangements.

We very much look forward to seeing you.