13 September 2018, 7.30pm

The PTFA would like to invite all parents, both new and old, to come and join us for our Wine and Welcome evening on Thursday 13th September in the school Library at 19.30.  We would love to meet you and introduce ourselves. This is our first (very informal) meeting of the year and is a great chance to get to know what the PTFA have to offer you and what you may be able to offer the PTFA. You may feel that you can't come along to meetings very often, which is fine, however, we have so many other ways that you can contribute and help the group and ultimately the school and all its pupils! Come along to our meeting, get a free glass of wine and meet some really genuine and friendly people - who knows you might make a new friend or see some old familiar ones.

The headmaster will be present, along with other staff and some PTFA members and it is a great opportunity to talk to parents about their concerns, answer questions and also explain about the work the PTFA doWe have lots of social events throughout the year and offer something for everybody (see our PTFA section of the website for more details). 

Feel free to bring a friend, be brave and take the plunge and come along - see you there!

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