9 – 13 July 2018

Our Student Digital Leaders present 'Digital Week', an event that highlights the exciting and innovative ways of embracing technology inside the class room and during events at lunchtime! 

This year the Student Digital Leaders have loads in store:

  • Guitar Hero
  • A trip to the International Space Station on Virtual Reality (VR) 
  • Kerboodle online textbook
  • Kahoot and quizlet live
  • Research for lessons
  • Using the internet and tools provided to make posters and design story boards
  • Translating Shakespeare texts to modern day English to help understand his most famous plays better 
  • Special guest's from Digital Oriented companies
  • Demos and workshops in the library
  • 3d Printers and CAD
  • Astro Pi demo
  • The Carotaphone
  • Wonders Of The Digital World

Demonstrating to school staff and students alike how technology is a force for good and that it isn't disruptive in lesson, if used correctly and effectively to benefit learning.

Keep a look out for dates of these events!

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