25 May 2017

Award-winning author Alan Gibbons at LSA Library, 25th May 2017.

We're very excited to announce that the writer, educator, blogger and activist Alan Gibbons will be working with students and staff at LSA Library on Thursday May 25th. 

Alan's hugely successful body of work has been published in 19 languages. His campaign work has included the defense of reading by tackling cuts and closures affecting public libraries, as well as international work promoting reading and access to literature in the developing world. He successfully invoked the UK's National Libraries Day in 2011 through campaigning and the idea quickly garnered the support of professional and national bodies. The event has blossomed into the UK's National Libraries Week.

He'll be working with students during their English lessons in the Library all day, delivering readings and commentary about writing professionally to larger groups and also engaging some smaller groups with creative writing workshops. 

Even if your son or daughter is not taking part in any of the workshops or readings, any student can meet Alan and have a copy of one of his books signed on the day at £7.99 (Cheques should be made payable to Alan Gibbons).

For any further information, please call Mr Bruen at LSA Library, 01253 667355.