This page will be continually updated as soon as new information is available and Year 9 students and parents and carers will be alerted when there is an update.

The information below should help answer your questions and further information will be provided from March when the main part of the process takes place.

For general enquiries regarding options, please contact Miss Nicholson - 

Options for Year  9 students 2021 at LSA

Published - 26th January 2021

Updated - 8th March 2021

Please see below a list of provisional key dates for the Year 9 options process. The next update to parents will be sent on 15th March.

Please note that the pre-options survey is purely to help school know the likely numbers interested in each subjects so we can begin planning the main school timetable for September 2021. It is not the option choice process for each student, this takes place in April.


Options Booklet

Key Dates Main Options Events
January/February/March Subject Looms shared with students in form time and available on the website
Mon 15th March Pre-Options Survey – parents emailed & explained in form – includes ‘Y10 Subject Booklet’
Tues 23rd March   Deadline for return of the Pre-Options Survey – electronic return


Week Commencing Monday 12th April – This is the start of the Main Options Fortnight – All information sent:

•       Spring Term Report – including attitude to learning online in all subjects (new criteria linked to LSA Values)

•       Options Loom – Mr Cubbon explains the options process (replaces face to face options evening speech)

•       Y9 Options Process Booklet – as Loom above, including science recommendations and number of subjects to take

•       Y10 Subject Booklet (resent) – Details for each subject and links to subjects looms already watched January-March

•       Options form – this includes the science recommendation and where options preferences are indicated


Thursday 15th April Video subject consultation evening for all Year 9 subjects & En and Ma & options support  
W.C. Monday 19th April   Further 1:1 options support and advice as required 
Monday 26th April          Deadline for the return of the Options Form
Late June   Options confirmed to parents – ‘non-first choices’ addressed