This page will be continually updated as soon as new information is available and Year 9 students and parents and carers will be alerted when there is an update.

The information below should help answer your questions and further information will be provided from March when the main part of the process takes place.

For general enquiries regarding options, please contact Miss Nicholson - 

Options for Year  9 students 2021 at LSA

Published - 26th January 2021

The usual Year 9 GCSE options process will be going ahead over the next few months with various amendments due to the restrictions we are facing. We will strive to make this process as thorough as usual whilst being safe and in line with what is possible in the circumstances.

We are very much hoping to be able to do face to face work during this process when school returns. As usual we will have a personalised one to one element for parents, carers and students who need this, even if lockdown means that this is done remotely.

In the first instance, Year 9 form tutors will be sharing information about a range of options subjects during form time which will take place once a week (day arranged by the form tutor with the form) from 2:30pm – 3:00pm.

Options subject schedule for the week beginning:-

  • 25/01/21 - Music GCSE, Religious Studies GCSE and Food, Nutrition and Preparation GCSE.
  • 01/02/21 – History GCSE, Sport Studies Cambridge National Level ½ and Physical Education GCSE.
  • 08/02/21 – Engineering BTEC Level ½ Technical Award, Textiles Design GCSE, Geography GCSE and MFL (Modern Foreign Language e.g. French and German) GCSE.
  • 22/02/21 – Combined Science and Single Science GCSE, Drama GCSE and Art and Design GCSE
  • 01/03/21 – Business Studies GCSE, Computer Science GCSE and Creative Media Production BTEC Level ½ Technical Award

This will be followed by an ‘options survey’ which is accompanied with information on all subjects. The survey requires an initial response to school to indicate likely options choices, but it is purely for school use. It will help us to work out likely number so classes required for next years’ timetable. There will be more information to follow when this is circulated.