Pyramid Club provides additional transition support for students during the summer term of Year 6. This maybe for a variety of reasons, including they may find aspects of transition to high school challenging or they may be recently new to the area. The move to secondary school can be an anxious time for all children, but for quieter, shy children it can sometimes be particularly stressful.  

Pyramid is a national initiative sponsored and overseen by the University Of West London (see Its aim is to provide support to children, especially quieter more withdrawn children, who may need help to speak up for themselves or make friends.  Pyramid helps build their confidence and self esteem so they start LSA confidently and happily, ready to make the most of everything the school has to offer.  Our experience together with that from across the national network of Pyramid clubs shows how successful the clubs are at raising children’s self-esteem and boosting their resilience.

Based at LSA, Pyramid runs for children transferring from Year 6 at their primary school into Year 7.  

Pyramid Clubs are based around enjoyment and having fun; they run for 1.5 hours on a Tuesday afternoon, starting in June.  We offer a wide variety of games, craft and activities as well as more practical matters like finding your way round school and how to read a timetable.

After Pyramid, children are better able to cope with day to day problems and are more comfortable working in groups.  At LSA we have several clubs running at the same time, each one catering for about 10 – 14 children.  The clubs are overseen by the Susan Strother, director of Catalyst UK who has 8 years experience running Pyramid clubs at LSA.  Each club is run by at least two trained and CRB checked adult volunteers assisted by one or two Lytham Sixth Form students.

Each of the ‘feeder’ primary schools has been involved in the process for over eight years now and they are all confident that Pyramid is of great benefit to their pupils as they transfer to secondary school.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Pyramid can be summed up in the words of three of this year’s Year 7 who attended Pyramid

“Good for the people who are worried about High School.”

“It is amazing and the best!”

 “I was worried but I’m not any more.”

Pyramid Club