Peer Mentors – Year 8

Peer Mentors are Year 8 students trained specifically for LSA by Catalyst UK. Their aim is to help year 7s as they enter LSA and settle in; getting used to a new daily routine - new subjects and teachers, lessons and homework. Year 8 Peer Mentors of course were themselves Year 7 the previous year; this means they can still remember the joys and anxieties of transferring to LSA and are ideally placed to help the current intake.

There are two Year 8 Peer Mentors attached to every year 7 form. They help on our Induction Days and go to the year 7 form once a week during Registration. Here they may organise fun activities for the year 7s, talk quietly to the year 7s in their form, or take a small group to the Library or Mentor Room to play games or talk. If a year 7 has a problem and doesn’t know what to do – a Peer Mentor can help them find the answer.

Our Peer Mentors were awarded a Lancashire County Council ‘Best Practice’ Learning Excellence Award in 2011.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors – Years 10 and 11

Students from years 10 and 11 have been trained to be ‘Anti-bullying Ambassadors’ for our school. The students will organise and promote anti bullying initiatives throughout the whole school year.

Bullying is not a big problem at LSA and we want to keep it that way. By introducing Anti-Bullying Ambassadors students will become more confident in reporting bullying and more aware of what is and isn’t bullying. We feel that educating students about the different types of bullying and their effects we will make the students of LSA T&PAC feel safer in school.

They will have meetings where new ideas and any issues arising will be discussed. They will also ensure that the students are up to date with new policies and different strategies the school has put in place to help prevent and /or deal with bullying.

If you or anyone you know is being bullied (including or cyber bullying), please send an email our dedicated email: and someone will be able to help.