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Coronavirus advice and links to council services and support


 Latest announcements and advice on Coronavirus. 

Blackpool Families In Need Team
 Providing parents with information on how to cope during this difficult time.





Blackpool Corona Kindness Helpline - for those who want to help and for those who need help

Services that can be provided - help with food shopping, medical supplies and social isolation and loneliness.

  • If you need help or can offer help, please email or or call 0808 196 3080.
Covid related school uniform grants

School clothing grants may be available to assist with the cost of school clothing for a limited period.

To apply for a grant you must:

Be a Blackpool resident and live within the Blackpool Council boundaries

Have responsibility for dependent primary or secondary school age children within your household

Have suffered some financial impact to your household income as a direct result of the current coronavirus pandemic

Awards will be £100 for a child at secondary school and £30 for a child at primary school.