Who are the PTFA?


Lesley Dobson

Manages PTFA Twitter & Facebook Accounts

Lesley Dobson runs our social media accounts and is a longstanding member of the PTFA. Follow us!

twitter.com/LSAPTFA www.facebook.com/groups/207498692935656

Lisa Rogan


Lisa looks after the accounts for the PTFA and liaises closely with Peter Webster, the school business manager and our Lucky Numbers representative. She keeps accurate and thorough records of our financial situation and ensures that the group are aware of what funds are available when requests for help are received.

Sally Windsor

Sally Windsor organises our refreshment supplies and the rota for serving refreshments at parent’s evenings and open evenings etc. This is something that the PTFA provide as a service to the school and we are always grateful for anyone who would like to help out in doing this.

Lindsey Walsh


Amber Mawene

Vice Chair

Justine Allen

Manages PTFA Twitter & Facebook Accounts

Corinne Mason

School Lottery

Sally Windsor

Organises refreshments for school events

Claire Markham

Secretary/Admin Assistant

Joanne Millar

Secretary/Admin Assistant

Susan Hauff

Deputy Treasurer