The idea of Lucky Numbers is that you buy a number – you may buy as many as you like!  Each number costs £1 per month.  Every month two numbers are drawn and those numbers win a cash prize.  Bonus prizes are also given at the end of the Christmas & Easter.

By joining the Lucky Numbers club, you not only help to finance extra resources and equipment to benefit the children of the school but you also have the chance of winning a prize.

The income generated is split to provide 50% for PTFA funds and 50% for prizes.  Currently the monthly prizes stand at £25 each (bonus prizes £50).  If our membership increases or decreases over the year the prize amounts will be adjusted accordingly at the start of the next school year.

The draws are made at the monthly PTFA meetings.  All prize winners will be notified and prizes are paid by cheque.  A list of winning numbers will be displayed on the school website.  

For an application form, click here.

Please email Sandra Madden (PTFA club organiser) if you have any questions  

Lucky Numbers Winners Winners

September 2015 136 Jenny Hartley 75 Julie Thornton 99 Dawn Carter  
October 2015  73 Joanne Cain 151 Sarah Johnson 53 Brenda Gallagher  
November 2015 117 Steph Boan 7 Dennis Verdun Bury    
December 2015 109 Katy McIntyre 44 Penny Malinson  

Christmas Bonus - 35 Carol Horridge

January 2016 14 Lauren Parkinson 157 Nicola Coia    
February 2016 139 Danell Dearden 113 Grant Lawrence    
March 2016 167 Sarah Johnson 48 Gail McGreehin    
April 2016 73 Joanna Cain 157 Nicola Coia   Easter Bonus - 155 Sukie Woodhouse
May 2016 15 Sarah Bennison 149 Kim Cooper    
June 2016 51 Dr Moorhouse 26 Angela Laver    
July 2016 34 Carol Horridge 88 Alison Dunn    
August 2016 143 Steve Withnell 120 Wendy Prime    
September 2016 54 Nigel Bullough 196 Alison Dunn    
October 2016 145 Pam Stevens 152 Sarah Johnson    
November 2016 161 Katharina Lloyd 187 Michelle Copeland    
December 2016 31 Catherine Hughes 85 Sarah Johnson    
Christmas Bonus   184 Michelle Copeland      
January 2017 21 Alison Dunn 122 Michelle Kindred    
February 2017 56 Nigel Bullough 126 Mr Wood    
March 2017 100 Sandra Madden 103 Sue Forshaw    
April 2017 11 Catherine Hughes 13 Sarah Richardson   Easter Bonus - 88 Alison Dunn