23 June 2017

Today we said goodbye to the class of 2017. Speeches were heard from Mr Wood who expressed that he was 'incredibly proud of the people you have become and it really has been a privilege to get know you and work with you.' He gave a special mention to those students who had been involved in school teams, music, worked as prefects or on the school council or helped at open evenings. 

There was then a presentation which included photos from across their 5 years and the teacher awards!

Awards included: 

Funniest - Mr Coomer

Best Dressed - Ms Dearden and Mr Prescott

Biggest Poser - Miss Maxwell

Most Caring - Mrs Mason

Overall favourites - Mrs Boyle, Mr Coomer and Mrs Rothwell-Morroll


The students then moved to the dining room where they signed shirts, ate pizza and had photos taken.


The Class of 2017 will be greatly missed and we look forward to seeing you at the prom (biggest uptake on prom tickets to date!!)


Class of 2017