11 March 2024

Image of Seaside Success: Year 11 Students to Showcase Art at Young Seasiders Exhibition

Six talented students from our school's year 11 cohort have been handpicked to exhibit their artwork at this year's prestigious Young Seasiders exhibition in Blackpool. Lily, Amber, Miyabi, Scarlett, Erin, and Emilie have earned this honor through their remarkable artistic endeavors.

The selected works delve into the realms of personal experiences and individual identity, reflecting the unique perspectives and creative voices of the young artists. Each piece has been meticulously crafted, with inspiration drawn from the students' own passions and visions.

This achievement highlights not only the students' artistic talents but also their dedication and commitment to their craft. As they prepare to showcase their creations on a larger platform, the school community celebrates their success and wishes them the best for the exhibition.

Congratulations to Lily, Amber, Miyabi, Scarlett, Erin, and Emilie on this well-deserved recognition. Their participation in the Young Seasiders exhibition not only showcases their skills but also serves as an inspiration to their peers and the wider community.

If you want to view the art in person you can do so at the exhibition! All details are at the bottom of the page.