17 December 2020

Thank you for all the donations that have been made in the run up to Christmas. We have had a fantastic response across school for all 5 of the charities.  

Some you may have seen the boxes in reception that were overflowing with donations which was lovely to see. All these donations for Mission Christmas, Easterleigh and Streetlife and 245kg of goods for Fylde Food Bank have either been collected or taken to the charities now.

As for the money raised for Blue skies and Save the Children just under £2000 was raised in total!

For Blue Skies £826 was raised and for Save the Children the school raised £1,121.91.

Thank you once again to all those who have donated in the last couple of weeks. The school and students have done an amazing job! Please thank the Year 11 Prefect Charities Committee as well for their help with the collections.  


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