16 November 2020

We have had a total of 64 online safety ambassador applicants who all wrote a letter or email of interest, this has been an amazing response.

The following students have been successful and can be identified wearing a grey tie and a pin badge.


Year 7

Alec 7FSA

Erin 7ACS

Subhana 7HBL

Casey 7HDF


Year 8

William 8RHO

Stella 8MLE

Mia 8RHO

Louisa 8RHO


Year 9

Pheobe 9MCR

Raveena 9MRO

Amber 9MCR

Tom 9CWH


Year 10

Chloe 10KWA

Elissa 10JMO

Jack 10LRB

Hannah 10AJA


Year 11

Adam 11MCN

Roma 11GTR

Ben 11MCO

Rowan 11MCN

Tags: online safety