2 September 2020

Mr. Southwell, a teaching assistant at LSA, has been awarded the Covid-19 Hero award by Fylde Council after being nominated for contacting parents during lockdown. The Covid award will be displayed for students, staff, and visitors to see as Mr. Southwell believes it's a team effort and that everyone at LSA is a hero.

In addition, during lockdown he started painting one or two watercolours a day of snails going on a variety of journeys as depicted by the little caption. He now has a collection of more than 1236 snail paintings visiting places such as the local park, going on a walk with Captain Tom Moore, and enjoying VE day to looking up at Blackpool Tower.

Each painting is shared on his Facebook page 'Look Closely Art' and they've been such a delight to see. "So many people have commented on how the pictures cheered them up and made them smile - I think in part that is what has kept me going. I didn't set out with a planned project, no ideas. I just started drawing and painting each day and one or two images would just come to me".

His artwork has brought joy and shown positive spirit over this unprecedented time.

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