21 August 2020

Image of GCSE Results Day 2020

Our students are celebrating yet another set of excellent GCSE results, with a large number of top grades and recognition of the incredible effort and attitude of the cohort.  Whilst there has been confusion and anxiety caused by the changing government position on results this year, the Centre Assessed Grades are a just reward for an excellent group of students. Celebrating another year of fantastic effort, Ray Baker, Headteacher, commented “We are so proud of the students and their hard work during their time at our school. The awful challenge of the last six months should not detract from how committed these students have been, nor the diligent work of teachers to assess performance like never before. The results today are the culmination of five years at secondary school and the students should be proud of their achievements.  Staff and students have worked together to get the best possible grades and allow all of our students to move on to College with total confidence.”

These results were arrived at following a robust system of internal moderation, discussion and rigour.  Tom Cubbon, Deputy Headteacher added “These results are also a just reward for so many families who have supported the school over the last five years, as well as our governors who join us in demanding the very best for our students.  The process we put in place ensures that our students move to college and employment with an accurate assessment of their performance.  We have some of the best primary schools in the county preparing our students before they start their journey at LSA, so we love working with them to watch fantastic young adults leave us.”

Whilst agreeing with other local schools to not use the results for promotional purposes, there were some phenomenal performances.  Each year the school attracts national recognition for the number of students collecting grade 9s and this year is no different.  Freyja Harrison-Wood, Kyla Murray, Archie Hingley, Abigail Jukes, Maddy Markham, Charlotte Walton, Grace Dale-Hutchinson and Erin Hay were awarded multiple grade 9s.

Whilst these results allow the school to focus on pure attainment, Ray Baker is quick to add that they do not tell a full story “These results also present a number of amazing stories that do not come through a grade.  Students who have improved and worked hard. Students who have tackled challenges and still achieved.  At LSA,  there is a caring culture that ensures students are measured in many ways, not just GCSEs. Our work with Newman, BSF and BFC means that we know our students are ready to move on and are prepared for the challenges of A-Levels, BTECs and Apprenticeships and we wish each and every one of them well for the next stage of their education.”

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