10 July 2020

Image of LSA students create Lockdown Orchestra Performance (Elton John Cover)

Music is such an important part of school life for so many of our students at LSA. Being away from school has meant that a large part of our extra-curricular opportunities have been put on hold. Although pupils are able to work at home on solo pieces nothing quite beats bringing people together to create something ‘greater than the sum of its parts’.

The idea to combine video recordings sent in from our performers came from one of our Year 8 saxophone players, Josh, who wanted to produce something with his friends during his time away from school. We contacted families and then arranged a version of the Elton John classic 'I'm still Standing' which was sent out electronically.

Our pupils were absolutely fantastic and showed real grit and determination, learning the parts in just three weeks. Mr Wilson and Mr Spacey were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm showed by our young musicians who adapted so quickly to a brand new way to create music. We can’t underestimate the support and patience from people at home who have had all types of instruments practising through their parts during lockdown. Maybe we also need to thank the neighbours of those families as well!

We decided to release the video on Wednesday 15th July as this would have been the date of our Summer Concert. We know that it will take some time before we can return to safely having a room full of pupils in orchestra, choir or any of our ensembles. Until that time we are embracing the new normal and are grateful that technology has allowed us to continue to do what we love.

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