7 July 2020

Image of Blackpool 6th form college writing competition

During school closure, there have been lots of things that people have aspired towards. One of them being competitions. Sara from year 9 entered a writing competition by Blackpool 6th form college and won the Lower Secondary age category. Click the link below for more details of the competition. A huge well done to Sara and her wonderful piece.
Writing competition details

Windows by Sara

Windows. They’ve always fascinated me. You can watch the whole world pass by in seconds and no- one would even realise you were there. They’re all too caught up in their own lives to notice. At least that’s what I see through my window. I’m plenty aware of the rumours about me. The boy in the window, who hasn’t gone outside since the incident? I have what’s known as agoraphobia, the fear of going outside. My brother and I got jumped in the street one night. It didn’t end well. Since then I haven’t left the house. I did try, but I couldn’t even make it past the front gate before I started to panic and break down. Just in case you haven’t seen a twenty-one-year-old guy have a panic attack. I let you in to a little secret. It wasn’t very pretty. So, I now sit by my window staring up at the sky. Watching the pretty colours blend into a sunrise. I watch the birds awaken and the streets fill with people rushing along to work. So here I am like most days staring out my window. I check the time. Seven thirty-four in the morning the time when she walks past. Looking closely, I see her face among the crowd. I smile at her. The only thing is this time she smiles back. I watch her walk towards my door. Taking a piece of paper out her bag, she leans it against the door and scribbles something down before posting it and leaving. Getting up I walk towards my door to pick up the note.


To mystery boy,

Has anyone ever told you its rude to stare?

If you feel like answering give me a call.



Huh, maybe my life isn’t over after all.

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