13 March 2020

Students, parents and members of staff were pleased to attend the Heritage Centre on Henry Street, Lytham for the Private Viewing  of ‘A Celebration of Art’ on Tuesday Evening - 10th of March.

It was a lovely and well attended occasion to celebrate the Exhibition’s prize winners. Year 11 student Erin Hay won the top individual prize of £50 for her portrait ‘Without Fear’. Olivia Preston, Nabil Hafiz and Scarlett Dawkins were all awarded highly commended prizes of Acrylic Paint Sets donated by Granthams. The event was hosted by Lytham Heritage Group in their Gallery on Henry Street in Lytham.

Head of Art Michael Lonsdale said: ‘We feel very excited and privileged to have the opportunity to display our students work in this exhibition’.

‘We would like to thank Hilary and Kate for their generosity in organising the stunning exhibition and hosting the lovely ‘Private View’ evening’.

Also big thank you to Dawn Carter for assistance with framing the art work and organising.  

The month long exhibition runs until 29th of March and The Heritage Centre is open Tuesday to Sunday 10am until 4pm.