9 December 2019

Image of £1170 raised for One Tree!

Did you know that planting one trillion trees is the most effective method to reducing climate change? Achieving this target requires a massive effort from everyone. Here at Lytham High, we feel responsible to make a change. So, on Friday the 22nd November, our school raised £1170 pounds for the ‘Just One Tree’ campaign. The aim is to plant trees and educate native people in poverty stricken areas as to how to grow and nurture trees, rather than cutting them down. Each pound funds the planting of one tree, and the money raised will be used to fund this project in countries like Haiti, Madagascar, Mozambique and Kenya, where there is less than ten percent of the original rainforest left due to logging, charcoal production and the ‘slash and burn’ technique.

As chair of the Eco Council, I believe this event is an important first step to making our school community much more sustainable and environmentally friendly. As the future generation, we feel it is important that we have the same opportunities to learn and explore this earth as everyone else has. Our initial project within the school has been to recycle more, an issue pointed out by the students. We are taking action to increase the amount of recycling bins around school grounds and educate students on how to use them, doing this helps us towards our long term goal of becoming an Eco School. The Eco Council is student led, and hopes to encourage sustainability throughout our everyday actions, and to create a better environment for staff, students and members of our community.

Written by Alice Burr (student)

Tags: enviroment Charity