1 May 2019

Our guest speaker Shaun Donnelly (@UKScienceguy on Twitter) came in to inspire Year 11 with science revision on Friday. Shaun is a Youtuber providing useful science videos for students, his YouTube account is 'Free science lessons'.

Shaun gave the students some revision advise which included: 

1. Set your own goals and don't be afraid to aim high

2. If you want it, you've got to work for it

3. Listen to your teachers and try your best in lessons

4. If you do not get something, do something about it

5. Be realistic about the work required

6. Start your revision now

7. Flash cards work well

8. Some revision works well with friends

9. Watch out for distractions

10. You don't have to get full marks to get a high level

11. It's never too late

After the presentation the students were excitedly queuing down the corridor for selfies and autographs from him.

Thank you for visiting LSA!



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