25 June 2018

Image of Students Volunteer in the Library!

There are six students who volunteer and help out regularly in our school library and they have now received their 'Library Volunteer' lanyards. Thank you for all your help! 

As a mark of gratitude, the 4 students represented the school at the Lancashire School Library Association (SLA) annual Pupil Librarian Conference 2018 at St Wilfrid's in Blackburn. While the Library relies on 8 volunteers, the capacity for this event meant that only 4 students could be taken. The students solved the 'Murder by the Book' mystery; took part in a Quiz and a Library Fishing Game, received certificates and lunch 'with a goody bags stuffed with books!  It was a great opportunity to meet student library volunteers from other schools!

Apologies to those students who aren't in the photo.

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