12 June 2018

Have a wardrobe clear out or a spring clean around your home and contribute to the fundraising efforts of our school community.

"Rag Bag" is a brilliant way of recycling and reusing your old unwanted (but wearable) clothes, since it has been installed the school has earnt well over £300 from this scheme! The Bin is emptied and ready for refill as often as we need so the more quickly we fill the bin the more money we will earn.... Just for throwing out what you don't need anymore, the school earns money! Money which helps contribute towards new PE kits or equipment, such as recreational games like table tennis tables, lighting for drama productions, sheet music, media equipment etc etc. The list goes on. You can help contribute to all this by simply dropping off your unwanted goods at school when you drop your kids off and your kids will ultimately reap the rewards.

Items can be bagged in Rag Bag specific bags, which can be collected from school reception, or dropped off in ordinary refuse sacks and left at the main school reception, where someone will collect them and place them in the bin.  The following items are accepted: 

- All men's, ladies' and children's clothing
- Paired Shoes (tied together)
- Handbags, bags & belts

For further details about the scheme, please see the website http://www.rag-bag.co.uk.

The scheme increases awareness about textile recycling and by increasing recycling rates we can help the environment by ensuring less material goes to landfill. Plus, the school earns money for every kilo recycled. So get your spring cleaning off to a good start by helping out the environment and your kids' school in one bagful! 

PTFA, Parents, Community