2 May 2018

We launched a fantastic competition for 5 lucky students to find out what nationalities are in their DNA tracing back over hundreds of years! There were lots of amazing competition entries in the form of artwork, family trees and letters, students also had to tell us why they wanted their DNA tested. A photo of some of the competition enteries is below. 

These students will be starring in an LSA documentary in a similar style to Momondo’s "DNA journey" project which will explore how we are all interconnected. Volunteer teachers and the competition winners received their DNA testing kit yesterday and are going to send off their own DNA samples (saliva), the results should come back in about 6 weeks time.  We will film people when they get the results to hear what nationality they think they will be, why they decided to do this and then the big reveal!

Each winning student has parental permission to do the DNA test. 

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