9 March 2018

This year, 14 of our students from years 7-10 were selected to exhibit their artwork as part of an LSA group exhibition at the annual Young Seasiders Art Exhibition.  The work is exhibited until 20th March in a beautiful part of Blackpool and the Fylde College called The Gallery, alongside many other schools from the Fylde Coast, but we are very proud to say that LSA swept up the majority of the prizes this year!  One student's stag drawing caught the eye of the Arts Society, who visit the exhibition every year and select just one work to award a special prize to and his piece was awarded this prize! 

Well done to all students involved, it is another fantastic example of the outstanding creative talent at LSA.  If you would like to visit the exhibition, it is on display until March 20th at The Gallery in Blackpool and the Fylde College (Monday - Thursday 10am - 7pm and Friday 10am - 4pm).

Young Seasiders Art Exhibition 2018

Art, Students