15 September 2017

The PTFA were delighted to meet so many new parents at the Wine and Welcome evening on Thursday 14th September. As well as the chance to have a look around the newly refurbished (although not finished) library and see at close quarters what the PTFA have been fundraising for, it was a great opportunity to meet some other parents and of course have the chance to speak to Mr Wood personally. MR Wood attends all the PTFA meetings and is always keen to hear the opinions of parents and often seeks them out. Some of the new parents signed up straight away to many of our schemes and were keen to try and get involved in events and meetings. There are so many ways to get involved and help without having to come to a meeting, please see the Ptfa section of the school website for further details.

Our next meeting is on October 5th - it would be lovely to see some new faces and everyone will be made very welcome. 

PTFA Wine and Welcome photos