Session 1: Economic wellbeing: Money - the good, the bad, the ugly

Theme: the scheme looks at the various sides to money, looks at the good: the nature of money, the essential part it plays in society through sport, considers the examples and the attributes of inspirational entrepreneurs. The bad: looks at the negative dilemmas people can find themselves in and the ugly, looks at the nature of gambling and the consequences it has personally, emotionally and socially.

  1. Wants and Needs
  2. Enterprise and your community
  3. Money dilemmas
  4. Sport and the economy
  5. Gambling
  6. Successful entrepreneurs

The James Brown Challenge: Enterprise and creativity

Session 2 – PSHE:  Body & Mind: Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

Theme: investigate what alcohol is, to evaluate the pressure to drink that young people can experience, consider how we measure alcohol and how this can help us to make decisions about how much to drink, avoiding risk taking behaviour and the effects of alcohol, drugs and smoking on our bodies.

  1. What is Alcohol?
  2. Government guidelines and alcohol
  3. Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Avoiding risk taking behaviour
  4. Alcohol and its effects
  5. Drugs and its effects
  6. Smoking

Session 3: Careers: My GCSE Options and Beyond

Theme: students to start asking questions about themselves and find out who they are, learn what key skills are and apply these to an activity, to begin thinking about the their future and interests and consider the options process.

  1. Option Choices
  2. Careers Ambitions
  3. Making Choices
  4. Key Skills
  5. Choosing your options
  6. Personality quiz

Session 4: Citizenship: Conflict and Nuclear Weapons

  • Theme: students to consider their own ideas of resolving conflict and then to look at how the wider world deals with conflict. Students to understand the complexities of the nuclear weapons debate and reflect on the long lasting effects. They will look at other conflicts around the world, compare and contrast children’s lives in the UK and Syria and look at the impact of conflict on countries like Uganda and Sierra Leone. Finally students are asked to think of ways to resolve conflict peacefully.


  1. Conflict Resolution
  2. Nuclear Explosion Timeline
  3. The Chernobyl Disaster
  4. Children in Conflict: Syria
  5. Sierra Leone – ‘Diamonds are Forever’
  6. Uganda after Kony
  7. An Expression of Peace

Session 5: PSHE: ‘Let’s Talk about Sex’

Theme: Students to reflect on the various issues surrounding sex and relationships: they will understand that there are different types of relationships, recognise the features of a positive healthy relationship, recognising the signs of an abusive relationship, understanding the implications of ‘sexting’, consider how peer pressure can be associated with sexual activity, to consider how you might respond to peer pressure about sex, reflect on the factors involved in making the decision to have sex, know about types of contraception and be aware of the potential risks and consequences associated with having sex.

  1. Healthy Relationships
  2. Expect Respect
  3. Sexting
  4. Sex and Peer pressure
  5. Sexual Relationships – ready or not? & Sex and the Law
  6. Contraception, Pregnancy and STIs