Session 1: EWFC - Managing Money

Theme: explores the nature of banks, the pros and cons of opening, using and saving in a bank, looks at payment of interest, encourages pupils to reflect on their own attitudes to spending and activities to look at and encourage budgeting.

  1. Opening a bank account
  2. Managing Money
  3. What can you do with money?
  4. Financial decision making
  5. Making ends meet
  6. Budgeting: Making ends meet

Session 2: Citizenship - Crime and The Law

Theme: students look at nature of crime and how it can affect young people. They explore issues around knife crime and gang culture and look at ways to prevent crime in our community.

  1. What is an ASBO?
  2. Good behaviour in our community
  3. Crime prevention
  4. Knife crime
  5. Gangs
  6. Young peoples’ conference: Knife crime and gangs (group presentation)

Session 3: Citizenship:  Government and Politics

Theme: students look at the basics behind the political system in Britain, they consider the views of the main political parties, learn key terms like democracy, manifesto, voting etc. They explore how people vote, why it’s important to vote and look at how voting impacts us through law making and the influence of key political figures in history.

  1. What is a political party?
  2. UK Political parties
  3. Human rights
  4. The importance of voting
  5. How are laws are made?
  6. Why follow laws?
  7. Nelson Mandela

Session 4: Careers:  My Future

Theme: students consider their own paths and interests by reflecting on their own personal qualities, they have the opportunity to look at the options available to them and to consider what the most suited path is. They are encouraged to think about the future and how jobs can change and adapt to time.

  1. This is me: Self development
  2. What was I like?
  3. What can I do?
  4. Am I employable?
  5. Making choices
  6. Careers: Then and now

Session 5: PSHE – My Wellbeing: Body and Mind

Theme: look at themes that affect personal wellbeing.

  1. Self Harm/ Building Resilience
  2. Bully and Language
  3. Loss, Separation/divorce and Bereavement
  4. The difference between sex, gender and sexual orientation
  5. Mental and Emotional Health and strategies for managing it
  6. Media portrayal of relationships
  7. Exploitation/grooming