There are four separate strands within the LIFE curriculum: Citizenship, Careers Education, Economic Wellbeing and PSHE (Physical, Social and Health Education). There is currently one miscellaneous unit that does not directly fit in to these strands; revision skills in year 11 (Cycle 5).

Year 7

  • New Beginnings (PSHE)
  • Money (economic wellbeing)
  • Healthy bodies, Healthy minds (PSHE)
  • My Future (Careers)
  • Diversity & Equality (Citizenship)

Lesson Breakdown

Year 8

  • Managing money (Economic Wellbeing)
  • Crime & Punishment (Citizenship)
  • Government & Politics (Citizenship)
  • My Future (Careers)
  • My Wellbeing: Body & Mind (PSHE)

Lesson Breakdown

Year 9

  • Money: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Economic Wellbeing)
  • Body & Mind: Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking (PSHE)
  • My Options: GCSE’s & Beyond (Careers)
  • Conflict & Nuclear Weapons (Citizenship)
  • Let’s Talk About Sex (PSHE)

Lesson Breakdown

Year 10

  • Money Matters (Economic Wellbeing)
  • Rights & Responsibilities (Citizenship)
  • Diversity & Difference (Citizenship)
  • My Wellbeing: Our World of Relationships (PSHE)
  • British Values: Being British (Citizenship)

Lesson Breakdown

Year 11

  • School & Beyond (Careers)
  • Money & My Future (Economic Wellbeing)
  • Healthy bodies, Healthy Minds (PSHE)
  • Revision Skills

Lesson Breakdown

In addition to the LIFE Programme, there are themed FLDs /one off sessions planned through the year:

  • Y7-13 CAREERS FLD (Dec)
  • Y9 Emotional and Physical Health day (Feb)
  • Y8 Health Impact FLD (Mar)
  • Y7 Road Safety session led by ADO (Nov-Mar)
  • Y11 One off STIs/ Contraception session led by the school nurse (Sep—Jan)