Key Stage 4:

Both French and German are offered at GCSE.  Students who opt for a Modern Foreign Language usually choose the language that they chose at the end of Year 8.

The GCSE courses in French and German cover 4 topic areas based around everyday life.

·       Lifestyle – healthy living, relationships, future plans, social issues and equality.

·       Leisure – free time, the media, holidays.

·       Home and environment – home and local area, the environment – problems and solutions.

·       Work and education – school, future plans, current and future jobs.

The four main skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing are assessed.  Listening and reading are assessed at the end of Year 11 in two short exams. Each exam is worth 20% of the overall GCSE grade. Speaking is assessed through two controlled assessment tasks. These two speaking assessments make up 30% of the GCSE grade.  Writing is also assessed through two controlled assessment tasks. The two writing assessments also make up 30% of the GCSE grade.  The speaking and writing assessment tasks may be completed at any time in Years 10 or 11.

Our GCSE French and German courses offer students the opportunity to access listening and reading resources online at  Students should speak to their class teacher to find out more information.  A year’s subscription will allow students to access the online resources at home using their own personal password.  The resources are of a high quality and will enable students to reinforce and extend their classroom learning.

GCSE French Specification
GCSE German Specification

Key Stage 4 French Assessment Summaries

Key Stage 4 German Assessment Summaries